“Danielle is truly wonderful at what she does. She is professional and knowledgeable yet makes you feel comfortable and right at home. I first saw Danielle because I'd get the same illness with the same terrible chronic symptoms EVERY winter. We addressed it through acupuncture and other TCM methods (that are beyond me!) and I haven't experienced that persisting winter flu/cold ever since (going on 2 years now). The results are subtle but suddenly you just find yourself feeling excellent and not getting sick and ask what's different?! Also, the cupping she does is amazing. I go into her office stressed out and leave every time with a new lease on life, feeling relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend seeing her!”


“Danielle is an amazing TCM practitioner! She is extremely thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable and approachable. She utilizes several treatment methods and really takes the time to get to know you before deciding on the best treatment for you at that moment. I highly recommend Danielle!”


“I was afraid of needles, so it took a lot of courage for me to finally try acupuncture for the first time. I’m glad I chose Danielle! She gently guided me through my first session and, a few months later, the changes I’ve experienced have been groundbreaking.”


“Danielle probably saved my life. Her thorough assessment, gentle guidance, and customized treatments, taught me to not seek the quick fix but rather to learn to love and appreciate my body for the long haul. As she would say, “Your body is the only one you get so be good to it.”


“Danielle's gentle and caring manor, mixed with her knowledge and ability to ease pain and discomfort through her work is exceptional. I have a needle phobia and have been able to work up to a decent treatment in her care. Highly recommended.”


“I went to see Danielle when my physician recommended acupuncture to manage my hormonal imbalance problem. Turned out, it was more than just an acupuncture session with Danielle. To me, she has also played a major part in my healing journey, physically and spiritually. Danielle took her time to listen about my concerns or just about life in general. It was like having a conversation with an old friend. Her skillful hands and her soothing energy would put me at ease and in a relaxing state right away. I always loved it when she explained each benefit of the needle on each area that she was treating. I really feel the care that she put when she treated my body that it has motivated me more to be compassionate with my own self. I think that is the best result that I can ever hope to get. Thank you Danielle!”


“I had been struggling with back/hip problems for years and I decided to give acupuncture a try. It has been a life changer, absolutely has made my day to day life more comfortable. Danielle not only focused on my specific problems, but also took a very broad overall assessment with me and it was much appreciated. Her acupuncture and guasha work is amazing and her guidance towards a healthy and fit lifestyle have been priceless. Thanks again Danielle.”


“Danielle at Totality Acupuncture is absolutely wonderful. I have been going to her regularly for about 8 months now, and I look forward to going every time (and feel better after going). I went to see her about IBS/stomach issues and not only did she help in that area but she also helped in other areas as well. She is very thorough, each appointment you have time to discuss how you are feeling (emotionally and physically) and addresses your concerns. As well, she is very helpful with tips and suggestions, providing reading material and authors and subjects to help in your total health. I have recommended her to pretty much everyone I know.”


“Danielle is nurturing, gentle and extremely effective! I have never felt better than when I was seeing her on a regular basis. Her experience and passions go beyond the typical realm of acupuncture and TCM and she really looks into who you are as a person and what will work to make you feel your best! When you see Danielle, you will receive a full spectrum of care and leave feeling restored and ready for anything. I saw her both before my pregnancy and all the way through and can’t say enough about the amazing level of care I received. On a day where I ended up having to bring my two year old along for my appointment, she even ended up hanging out with her so I could relax with the needles in! Danielle is an all around great person, talented acupuncturist and effective healer. If you are looking to restore balance to your life, I highly recommend seeing her.”