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Creating balance to experience your version of healthy.

Totality is a wellness studio created and run by Danielle Leclair (R.TCMP, R.Ac) in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities (acupuncture, cupping, herbal therapy), mindset practices, wellness coaching, and meditation, Danielle aims to provide a total approach for how we look at our health. Totality is a space that is dedicated to improving your well-being. From digestive complaints and depression to acute/chronic pain and women's health, Danielle practices an extremely gentle and customized form of therapy which is always determined by your needs and comfort.

Take the time to discover the true healing power of your body.

Learn more about how the therapies available (from acupuncture, to cupping and gua sha as well as holistic lifestyle coaching and support) can support your needs. 


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Acupuncture • Guidance • Meditation • Workshops


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